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Hardware Sales

For many devices we recommend to photographers, we provide references to suppliers (preferably suppliers we know and trust). But for some devices we're able to provide them directly, and this page is a repository for information about these devices.

This page has some links to a shopping cart system using PayPal. For Australian customers there are also options for payment by cheque or direct deposit, as outlined on our Payments page.

Colour management devices

We are a dealer for X-Rite huey and Eye-One Display 2 monitor calibrators.

Canon PowerShot Pro1 accessories

The Pro1 is a camera that David used to use as his primary IR camera. Many people are still using this camera in 2008: it has a lot to offer. Unfortunately it's a discontinued model, and obtaining the matching lens hoods and filter adaptors (for attaching 58mm-threaded filters) is apparently proving awkward for many Pro1 owners.

We can still provide these items (new parts, not second-hand or third-party) as well as replacement lens caps (this cap is unique to the Pro1).
If you use this PayPal shopping cart, remember to include the appropriate postage option!

Item Cost PayPal links
Canon LH-DC10 hood (in stock!) AU$45
Canon FA-DC58A filter adaptor (in stock!) AU$15
Original Pro1 lens cap AU$25
International postage
for up to 10 hoods/adaptors/caps
Australian postage
for up to 10 hoods/adaptors/caps

Infrared cameras

Our partner business Khromagery deals in these, supplying pre-converted cameras on a commissioned basis. See their IR Conversions page for background information.

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