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January 23, 2009Troll Castle

Troll Castle

Troll Castle
Iceberg detail from below the Antarctic Circle


January 31, 2009Back home!

Once any jet lag has been dealt with, we'll be catching up with comms over the coming days.

January 3, 2009Travelling until start of February

We probably won't have opportunities to update the site (or even read emails) until our return.
In the meantime I hope you and your families are well!

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David Burren Photography has been operating since early 2002 based in Melbourne, Australia. David currently works in the following areas:

I take photographs

Of course that should be obvious, given that I call myself a photographer!
I started using SLR cameras in the 1980s as a tool in my birdwatching activities, and nature subjects have always been closest to my heart. But I've also photographed corporate portraits, pet portraits, weddings, and in recent years almost anything with an infrared camera.

Some of my images can be seen in the Galleries section of the website, and prints (framed, mounted, or laminated) of many of them can be bought online.

Infrared digital camera conversions

This is done through Khromagery, and you'll find lots of information on that website.

Colour management

We can provide you with custom ICC printer profiles, provide you with Eye-One and Spyder monitor calibrators, and various related consulting and teaching services. See the Khromagery website for further details.

Teaching and workshops

I teach colour management and digital workflow subjects at Photography Studies College as part of their Advanced Diploma of Photography course. I also intermittently present workshops in the Melbourne area on similar subjects.

Odds and ends

I have done and do also work on a variety of other projects, including book publishing, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, B&W fine-art printing, testing and review of various photography-related hardware, etc.
If you're looking for the hard-to-get PowerShot Pro1 accessories, look here.

If you have any questions about what you see on this site, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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